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As a UX/UI Designer, I help businesses create products that delight their users

Design Strategy

A well-defined design strategy influences the product road in the long and short term, keeps clarity where the focus should be, helps with design decisions, and uncovers insight about what the future will look like.

• Road Maps
• UX Ecosystem

design system

User Experience & User Interface Design

A user-centric product fulfills complex needs with simple solutions. It expresses elegance, simplicity, and a joy to use and own. True user experience goes beyond providing customers what they say they want or a feature checklist, it is about giving them what they need.

• UX Optimization
• User Interface (UI)
• Interactions
• Product and Website Audit
• Use Journeys
• Design for websites & mobile apps

Research & Usability Testing

Using qualitative and quantitative matrices to uncover users pain-point as well as how they think, feel, need, and behave while interacting with the product.

• Competitive/Comparative Analysis
• Contextual Inquiry
• User Behavior Analysis
• User Interviews
• Open/Close Card Sort


Website and App Design & Development

Reaching the target audience, enjoying a free do-it-yourself maintenance, utilizing complex functionalities easily. Yes, it's possible!

• Custom Management System (Blog style website)
• E-Commerce functionality
• Interactions
• Secure hosting
• Free editing

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