I was always drawn to designs, psychology, and the connection between the two. How design defines the way we behave and think and how colors subconsciously affects our mood. In my professional world as well as outside of it, efficiency drives me and I am passionate about understanding people in order to help them.

For over a decade, I have practiced various visual design disciplines and continuously observe how humans interact with digital experiences. Today, I enjoy designing and building websites, mobile apps and contributing to the success of businesses across the world. Feel free to reach out, I'd love to hear about your project. Let's turn challenges to opportunities!
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Completed User Experience Design Immersive
at General Assembly
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Completed Level II Calibration Course at Imaging Science Foundation
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Completed many in-depth courses at Lynda.com
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Completed HTML CSS and JavaScript Course at Coursera

What do I do best?

Great question. I ran a survey among colleagues, friends, and acquaintances where I asked them a simple question: "What do you think is the thing I do best?". While I got diverse answers, a few overlapping answers that stood out:
  • "Always bring an intelligent and well thought out solution to the table"
  • "Fantastic attention to detail"
  • "Has a unique perspective on problem solving"
  • "Loyal, accountable, and dedicated to the things he cares about"
Personally, I'd like to add that efficiency and being organized and methodical are high on my list and I believe in having a friendly yet professional demeanor. Even though I am a dog person, I enjoy those irresistible kitten videos 😹
Before my evolution to User Experience, I was a graphic and web designer, then professional retoucher and photographer. I have a dedicated website where I present my photography, and also another website that focuses on my services as a professional wedding photography. Feel free to check them out.