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As a professional opera singer and French diction teacher, Elsa Queron is looking for ways to let her potential clients learn about the services she offers, allow them to purchase her books, and stay updated with the content that she writes.

My role
  • Front-end, design & development of a low-code website
  • Content strategy
  • eCommerce functionality
  • UX copywriting
  • Creation of a website Blog and integration with Social Media
  • Photography

Problem Definition

While Elsa is a talented singer and an educator, her exposure and sales are still at its infancy. My goal was to develop a strategy that over time will gain her social media accounts more exposure and will drive more traffic to her website as well as bump up the sales of her digital products on her website.

User Interviews

I performed initial interviews with 8 users between the ages of 22 to 59 years old. During the interviews, I've asked questions in order to learn about their pain-points, what delights them, and the context in which they interact with their tools in order to study. Through Affinity Mapping, 2 personas were created. Below, are their key attributes of each persona:

Persona #1


24 years old dedicated opera student in an internationally-known music school
  • Interested in boosting her performance skills through knowledge and practice
  • Studies in various locations such as in the auditorium, dorm rooms, and the cafe
  • Doesn't like redundant, lengthy communications
Persona #2


49 years old established professional opera performer and voice teacher
  • Looking to fine-tune his performance in French Diction
  • Dislikes generic studying and pays attention to the smaller details
  • Studies from his own professional music studio

Competitive Space Analysis

While I was analyzing the direct competitors, I have noticed that Elsa has a great place in the market as very few people offer the same service she does where even the ones who do are missing a proper web presence.  Because of that, I decided to focus on indirect competitors revolving around the online book store space and learn how they execute the product page and purchasing process, including the payment process.

Usability Testing

I built a prototype directly in Squarespace, then tested the initial version with 5 people.  The tests took place on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices just to make sure I cover them all as Elsa's users are most likely to use all of them.



All tested users has successfully completed the task of purchasing of a specific product



All of the tested users were able to understand the purchase flow



All tested users passed the 5 seconds test and were able to quickly describe what the website is about.

Stakeholder's Requirement

I set up the front-end, created the branding and UI assets, then set up the eCommerce system to be able to host her digital products to be available for sale. During the check-out process, I created a step that specifically dealing with the copyright rules, allowing users to familiarize themselves with the conditions, then check and approve they agree with them.

Solution: User are now informed with the purchase rules

In order to make sure users comply with the copyright rules, I've added a Purchase Form in the purchase process to have users read then check the checkboxes.

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Website & Social Media

Elsa is in touch with her followers and regularly adds posts to her Social Media account. Her main Social Media platform is Facebook. In order to have her work more efficiently and save time, I created an automated function so her Blog posts in her website would be automatically copied to her Facebook account.

Website Analytic Tools

In order to learn how users interact with the website, I added Hotjar and Google Analytics tools to the website. Now, Elsa can analyze the traffic and learn much more about the users who are interested in her services.

In order to have her business grow, she is mostly interested in learning:

  • What categories in the website users find most interest in.
  • What Social Media platform has the highest referral.
  • What location in the world her users are from.
  • How much time do they spend on the website.
  • Are users interested in exploring othe rbooks except of the ones they intended to purchase.

Handoff & Mentorship

In order to allow Elsa to maximize the potential of her website, I set up several sessions with her in order to make sure she is familiar with the functions and tools available to her.

Result & Final Words

"With the new eCommerce website and strategy, I am able to efficiently convey what my services are about and sell more books. Clients love it and my social media is booming!"

- Elsa

Conclusion: There is an increase of over 300% in visitors from all over the world, she sells her books in higher volumes, and has now more time to write new content. I would continue refining the UI

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