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Remodeling of Membership Renewal processes

I was tasked with remodeling the existing Membership Renewal journeys users must go through when their membership is up. I was asked to make sure users can renew a 'linked account' as well. Read below for details.


UX, UI, interaction design, prototyping


United States Tennis Association

Information is key

Gathering relevant information

Working on other projects such as the creation personas (along with another UX teammate), creation of a Design System, and organizing the Information Architecture of the website were great opportunities for me to learn first-hand about the users and their pain-points, motivations, and the context in which they interact with the website.

During these projects, I have noted a few but very important factors that shaped the current experience for the users.

The Problems

Managing a child's profile

Linked account is an account of an underages individual managed by a Guardian. The Guardian is allowed to manage the child's account through limited available options. There is a lack of clarity for guardians about how to manage their child's profile.

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Typically, older people aren't tech-savvy

The average age of the brand users is 63 years old. Often, people in this age-group are not as tech-savvy as millennials and also may have mild physical impairments such as low vision.

No time for long journeys

Tennis coaches and Directors of tennis organizations are usually very busy. They want to minimize time on the website so they can dedicate it to their business. They seldom change their membership model.

Mixed jargon between departments

Colleagues from various departments within the organization use different terms when discussing membership types. This is a source of confusion between teams that ultimately creates a confusing product experiences for the users.

As a result, the company suffers from lower renewal rates and overall unhappy customers

In order to keep ranking records, tennis professionals must renew their professional membership as their businesses must be affiliated with USTA. They end up having no choice but to be going through the difficult chore of renewing their membership in order to keep their business alive.

When these problems ignored, users end up feeling frustrated and having a low to no desire to renew their memberships.

Redefined, easier User Flows

Renewal flow for an Individual Account

USTA flow 3

Renewal flow of a Linked Account

USTA flow 2

Express renewal flow

USTA flow 1



Easier to maintain a Linked Account

It is easier for members responsible for young adults to maintain and edit the Linked Account of the dependent they are responsible for as they have the freedom to handle its renewal through their account.


Inclusive, friendly UI

With Accessibility in mind, I was sure to leave enough space, use larger fonts, and provide enough visual contrast so even users with visual and physical impairments can easily identify elements on the screen and navigate easily through the renewal processes.


3-click, painless Express Renewal

Coaches and Directors of tennis organizations can now enjoy a speedy checkout. Since they don't change their membership plan often, the Express Renewal process makes the perfect solution for them as they can renew with only 3 clicks.


Confusion-free language

I renamed the 2 processes: Membership Models and Membership Plans: The Membership Model defines the audience such as organizations, individuals, or a group, while the Membership Plan establish the type of membership for each model.